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This summer was pretty laid back as we were both working full-time and never seemed to have the same days off. So before we got into the more crowded summer season in July/August, we took a trip to Kyotango in Kyoto to visit the Sea of Japan.

Kyotango is pretty far from the part of Osaka. the Osaka Bay while Kyotango is clear on the other side on the Sea of Japan.As such, the number of people beaching was significantly lower than beaches like Nishikinohama or Suma (I’ve never been to Suma, only heard horror stories). Also, being on the Sea of Japan, most Osakans seem to have very few positive things to say about it. ‘The Sea of Japan is very dark and cold.” “You’re much better off going to the Pacific Ocean, it’s much warmer.” “The fish from the Sea of Japan are delicious, but the beaches aren’t so good.

I was really curious about the apparent apathy toward Sea of Japan, and began to worry about my weekend away.I also new that a holiday weekend meant that tons of people would be flocking to Shirahama, and being the anti-social rebel that I am, I firmly decided in staying in the opposite direction of the crowd headed to Wakayama.

I am so glad I stuck with that idea because Kyotango is beautiful!! And lacking in large groups of people! Ugggh, it’s my little slice of heaven here in Kansai, for reals.

The two beaches we visited were 平海水浴場 (heikaisuiyokujo, website is JPN only) and 蒲井浜海水浴場 (kamaihamakaisuiyokujo, website JPN only). Both are in Kyotango, but on opposite sides of THE PENINSULA (about 1+ hours away from each other)....

About Beaches Loving of Kyotango
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