I, along with my wife visited quite a few places in Indonesia.From the noisy streets in Ubud to the serene waters of Bunaken Island, we had more fun than we expected to have while exploring the different facets of this beautiful country .

We went for scuba diving, explored the hinterland, tasted a variety of Indonesian dishes , took pictures of monkeys , witnessed a funeral ceremony in Tana Toraja and did a lot more stuff in our almost a month long vacation. Indonesia is known to have arguably the best diving in the world.

We took a 90 minute slow boat ride from the southeast coast of Bali to the small island of Nusa Lembongon. Few of the places we visited in Indonesia include Bali , Ubud , Tana Toraja (creepy place) , Mt. Bromo, Gili Meno, Togean Islands , Bunaken Island , Sulawesi and Borubudur.

There was something special and different in each of these places . While it sometimes can be hard to see through the tourists and hawkers that cater to them, Indonesian people and culture are beautiful. You just have to get off the beaten path a bit. When we were exploring Ubud and the surrounding villages, we found out that Ubud is known for its art, culture and handicrafts, which you can definitely see here – even if just walking down the street and seeing the many small handmade baskets of spirit offerings they leave out filled with flowers and rice.It seems that many come to Bali to be trendy and do yoga at Westernized yoga houses and eat at Western-influenced cafes.

Speaking of bustling Ubud; motorbikes crowd the streets here and almost anything goes when driving them. Stephanie and I got in on the action when we rented a motorbike the other day $5 USD for 24 hours and only about $1 USD to fill tank.We drove through many small villages in the areas surrounding Ubud and saw temple after temple and rice paddies galore, not to mention an active volcano. Among many other experiences , here is one more I would like to share.

When we found ourselves in the metropolis of Yogyakarta (pronounced Jogjakarta) in Java, among huge air-conditioned shopping malls and civilization , we decided it was time for a haircut. Indonesian style. A cute younggirl gave me a haircut and trasformed me into a celebrity (lookwise) . Stephanie wasn't so lucky.

A middle aged obese man gave her a haircut which left her looking like a 6th grader ! I can go on and on but I guess pictures say a lot more than words. There is way better stuff to drink here than anywhere else I’ve been and I’m not even talking about alcohol. So much fresh juice, soy milk, sweet coffee and tea, the list goes on and on.


Date created : 2015-09-04 10:18:12
Location Nusa Lembongan, Jungutbatu, Bali, Indonesia
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